Launch Tengu Release 0.1

The 23rd of April 2015 marks the day of the first release ever of the Tengu platform. With the Tengu platform you are able to integrate Big Data frameworks into your workflow without the hassle of clustered deployment. If deployed on the iLab.t Virtual Wall, not only will this reduce your resource cost, it will save you configuration time as well. This functionality of deploying your setup on the Virtual Wall is currently reserved for experiments in the context of Fed4FIRE.

However, the code of the platform will become available on our GitHub under an open source license. This will allow users to set up a private instance of the Tengu platform on their preferred cloud platform. More information on this soon. Meanwhile all the details of this release can be found here.

Stick with us as we improve on the platform in the future by supporting more data analysis frameworks (Spark, Samza, Flink, …) and data stores (MongoDB, OrientDB, …), and aiding you even more in integrating Tengu in your workflows.

Thank you for joining us!

The Tengu Team

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